Saturday, October 13, 2007

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

I am not a habitual book reader, but I got a copy of this book couple of years back, as my wedding gift.
I happened to start reading it sometime back....
I just love the was John Gray has written this book.
It s a must read for people in love.

Lots of things in the book made me think, "Oh! Its not the problem with my husband, all men are like this!" and I felt bad for the innumerable times we've fought just because of these small differences.

For example. the author says "To offer a man unsolicited advice is to presume that he doesn't know what to do or that he can't do it on his own."

This reminded me of a situation which we faced many times in this two years.
While going to a new place, sometimes, we don't get to the destination quickly.
This is how the conversation used to go
I: "Why don't u just stop the car and ask someone?"
He:(gets irritated) " I can find it on my own"
I:(get irritated) "I don't understand why u have so much of ego for such a small thing. Why do u think that u will lose your prestige by asking the way?"
and at the end, both of us will be bugged up and frustrated.

Now, when he doesn't know the way, I think, I should not ask him to ask the route to someone and instead suggest / support him saying "It' s OK. Maybe we should try going that way... what do u say?" or " That's fine, we will find the place soon."

Let me try this next time and see how it works.
And meanwhile, I will post more quotes from this book with my practical experience as well.


  1. Suggestion: Start a Mars/Venus orientation class for couples. :-) I think you can make big bucks in your spare time. I remember giving this book to Vijay when he got married. But I am sure he never read it.

  2. I dont know about Prabhu's sense of direction but if u add ur directional inputs to it, I have a feeling u will be doing ur next blogging somewhere out of Djibouti... So a piece of very chauvinistic advice, Let the men do the driving... Yeah we may get lost but then wats the fun in getting lost when ur wife is nearby...Cheerio