Monday, October 15, 2007

Me and my friends...Part 2

Ya, So I continue about my gang.

As I ve already told (enough) about H, let me continue about my other friends.

Going alphabetically,

Ms.A... Nick name Sweetu.
She s very famous for her "matching matching" accessories. (Please note that the list of accessories may include not just bangles and bindis... it also extends to the limit of slippers, hair pins and wrist watch). She s the major customer for most of the shops in Pondy Bazaar. I heard that a guy named the shop on her after she spent her whole salary in the shop!!

Mr. C. AKA Monster. He has three hobbies... eating, eating and eating. And do add a bit of reading books, watching movies, falling sick(!!!) every now and then.
He s a very funny person ( or so does he think...). We share a common habit - of laughing at our own jokes.

Mr. D. AKA cockroach. He s the person who always gets the beating (from yours truly!) irrespective of the culprit. He s brilliant in coding. He likes driving his bike. (one spl thing abt his bike is, when u press the front brake, the bike will move front.) Though he appears to be very jovial, he is a very sentimental person. Also, he is a very good listener. (There have been many times when he had to bear with me... be it just a joke / mokkai / even something serious!!). He loves listening to "rock" songs... which go bang bang bang with lyrics we(or shud i say "I") cant understand.

Ms. D. AKA Dino. She loves aaloo... and she s a very sincere person. She loves to accompany A for Shopping.
And her fav color is blue and She is a very popular person and is also called Popu.
I have worked for about 80% of my projects with her and have found her to be very dedicated, sincere and hard working.
But y is she called Dino? No idea! It just happens that she is called Dino. Period.

Ms N. AKA Porcupine. She s a very homely and the calmest person in the group. She has a very sweet voice and has the ability to combine two actions together. Speaking and singing ;). She loves GOLD....ya, no jokes about this one. She makes good payasam. I love the way she talks... full of expression... very similar to bharatnattiyam.

So, I will continue about Mr.S,Ms. S,Mr.V and some more inputs abt me, in my next blog ( as this is just getting tooo long)

See ya!!

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