Friday, October 12, 2007

My First Day at Work


Before telling about my first day, it would be good if i tell about my campus interview.

It was in the seventh semester of my happy college days. It was the third campus interview that i was attending. (I was never a great student in college... so didnt expect to get a job through campus interview!) I was vexed after not even getting through the first round (aptitude) in the two companies. I was so dejected that I didnt study for the aptitude. It was once of my friends (KR) who gave me a list of old Hexaware question papers.I managed to go through them...
And we reached the place (in vandalur).

The college (called Cresent) was a huge one. I was (as usual) cracking stupid jokes and jumping around.

We were called for the first round... Aptitude and guess wat, almost 80% questions were from the old question papers...:). So, successfully got through this round.

Second round. GD. Ten people were called and given some topic to fight( i mean talk) about. I was surprised to find people with books/articles with titles like "How to talk in GD" ... "How to win in GD" in their hand and mugging the steps to a successful GD!!
We got the topic "Is it necessary to have any minimum qualification as a requirement for getting a job in IT company?". My point was "NO." With so much of training, people should never have problem. i mean, even a 12th std person can do this job, of course, after training. And guess what, i was the only person selected from my group!

And now the final hurdle... INTERVIEW. I had come dressed shabbily as going to an interview was the last thing that i expected to happen! But anyways, it was scheduled at 7.30. Me, being an ECE student, tried to understand as many concepts in computer networking into my head as possible... Finally, was called for the interview at around 10PM. was starving. I managed to answer some basic questions ( I admitted that i dont know much about computers!) and surprise.... i got through...

And now, coming to the topic, my first day in office. 16th Sep 2005.
We were around 13 people . Sitting in a small conference room. waiting for 3 more to join us. they came a bit late (cud not help it as they were new to the city). As usual, i was the only person chatting and giggling... we were taken around the office and were finally taken to the training room.

Got into .NET training for about 6 weeks. The training was boring. but i made nice friends there (Meera and Deepu). Unfortunately, my friends were sent to different department and I was assigned to internal department called ISG.Ok. will continue about my work in ISG in the next post.

Bye for now...


  1. the post is cool, keep writing......

  2. hi,
    i thought you were a compere in a comedy show which i watched some years back!

    Never knew you were in IT/ITES industry.

    Nwyas good luck with jobs,
    I am not sure whether hexaware does work in L2/L3 area,so u need not have broken ur head that much with networking :)

  3. Ya, Nirmal... I was compering in TV. But only as a hobby. Nothing serious. Thanks for ur comments!