Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Traffic Diversion in T Nagar

Lot of roads have been made "one way" in T Nagar.

The best part of it is a hoarding in T Nagar which is kept in the Vani Mahal junction.

Translated in English for people who ve not caught a glimpse of it.
"Vehicles heading for Panagal park from GN Chetty Road to go to Thirumalai Road take a left and go to Bazulla Road and take a left and go to North Usman road and take a left and reach Panagal Park"
There was a photo of this hoarding in a tamil newspaper with the following text (again - translated!)
"Shown above is a hoarding in T Nagar. Motorists can hardly understand what the message is and are getting confused after reading it. "

They could have put a map in that place with arrows to explain things. (or atleast they could have spilt the paragraph into two-three lines and tried to punctuate)
Lot of people who come to T Nagar may not (necessarily) know Thirumalai Road and Bazulla Road.

Thankfully, lot of policemen are standing to avoid any confusion.

Let us wait till these new flyovers are constructed and see if that solves the traffic congestion in T Nagar.

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