Monday, October 22, 2007

My new job

I recently joined my dad's office.
(He s into marketting business and needed some assistant.)
I was not happy with my IT job.
So, I quit my company last month and joined this new job.

Till now, it s been very interesting as I am learning lot of new things.
I do miss some things and I am very happy about some other things.
But overall, it seems to be on the positive side.

What I miss is not the job, but the company that I had. Friendly, nice people around me... My tea gang...

I am so happy after taking this decision.

My mind is so much free.
I have time to do some work which I have been yearning to do all these days.

For example, cleaning the house, making lunch for my hubby, getting involved more in the household activities....

All these things have always been in my mind. But it s only now that I am able to spend time on these.

Life is so much different right now, from what it was couple of months back.

But as they say, "Change is the only permanent thing in life!"

Keep smiling!!

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